UNIBUSS transport changes

You should know

Before buying a ticket, contact us if you are traveling alone, because the price may differ from the normal rate. In the event that you purchase a ticket without contacting us, it may happen that the actual price for transport will be different. Times are informative, departure may be earlier/later. 

Passenger information

A passenger who buys a ticket at least 14 days before departure will have a guaranteed price starting from 50€ / person, even if he is traveling alone. Passengers who purchase a ticket in the period 13 to 2 days before departure, must take into account the possible regulation of the price according to the rules:

  • One passenger – 180 € / person;
  • two passengers 90 € / person;
  • three or more passengers from 50 € / person (65€/person when traveling at night).

If you order a ticket one day before or on the day of departure, the price will be higher (even if we have passengers). If we do not have a trip and you are interested in traveling, the price for transport is set at a minimum of from 180€ per vehicle. By ordering transport from us earlier, you will definitely save money!!!
Please note – the last two places are filled with a 20% surcharge.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 0948 51 51 51.

Vozový park UNIBUSS
Vozový park UNIBUSS
Vozový park UNIBUSS

Price for vehicles

Price for vehicles on the route Slovakia – Krakow airport:

  • Mercedes Benz V class (one way; 6 seats) – 350 €.
  • Renault Trafic (one way; 8 seats) – 320 €
  • Passenger car VW Passat GTE (one – way; 3 places) – 220 €;
  • Škoda Octavia  (one-way; 3 seats) – 180 €.